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The photographer and a festival: a pictory

If I tell you I do not think the next Safaricom Jazz Festival will be amazing, I will be lying. Because this last one taught me to hold my reservation off, and just show up to enjoy the music.

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The sound of a community

African Twist was all the rave. Daudi Kabaka had started a wildfire in Kenya. Another man from Kakamega, with a homemade guitar had created a new guitar picking style that nobody could replicate. He had created a smash hit, had a huge love scandal, and then died under tragic circumstances. But the legend of George Mukabi and his omutibo guitar had already achieved immortality.

Lifestyle Coach Kavutha at Safaricom Jazz

A woman jazzed

You’ve only ever seen her before in the stuff that dreams are made of, surrounded…

Lifestyle piano-header ghetto classics, safaricom jazz at 5

Simon on the keys

When I was younger, way younger, a couple of decades ago, I was quite the…

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Music is memory

I’ve never heard of this guy before, so obviously I am saying his name completely…

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Set the Pace

A few years back, when my moustache was nothing more than scattered, wispy whiskers and…


Jazz It Up A Little

“Without music , life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche *** Princess Jully. There is…

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