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1 My Only Child

To be honest, there’s only two reasons I’ve ever wanted a credit card. To travel easier, and for my car. The first is pretty self…

4 Who are you to tell?

When you sit next to a rapist, something inside your body screams in fear, but you’re not sure if you should be scared in the…

1 Addis

So when I came back, everyone decided I was foreign – and not just because my accent was thick and faltering over the sir that…

1 The Commandments

In 2016, my body is still a battlefield Bloody, lying, a lying carcass, they always tell me I am lying Even when what happened happened…

17 The Kiosk is Now Open

Nights in January are quiet and hot; which is somehow the most appropriate condition for mosquitoes to thrive. It is almost as if while we…

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