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Long Reads Mount Kenya as seen from Lewa Conservancy | by Japicha

Picture this. A man on a black mamba that is no longer black. He rides around it in the neighbourhood, sometimes nipping in and out…

Little stories

The first scenario happens some time in December last year. In it is a couple in the backseat of a cab, heading home. Somewhere during…

Lifestyle Strangers in the Night, Nairobi, Nairobi Noir, Msingi Sasis
Strangers in the night

The matatu did that thing Number 14s do where they lie ati they will pass through Mai Mahiu Road, and then they do not. Instead,…

Capture Kenya David Sheldrick wildlife trust
Not Entertainers

Nairobi is a hard city to love. Especially now. Especially in 2017. It feels like a constant ambush on the senses. Walking through Nairobi is…

Lifestyle Aress Mohamed

I sat there on the seat of that barbershop, and looked at my hair through the mirror, taking one last glance, as if to permanently…

Lifestyle This is how it ends, Troy Onyango, Matatu, Nairobi
This is how it ends; Troy

VIII Our paths cross just long enough for me to realise this is fate’s way of telling me, “This wasn’t meant to be.” It. Can’t.…

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