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Fiction Stories
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Mama Cera

He had moved in before I knew it. I had a small bedsitter. He had problems with his landlord. I liked him well enough. It wasn’t rocket science. Once again, I didn’t think it was a big deal for him to move in. I mean, this was Nairobi, right? I knew my mother wouldn’t approve, so I didn’t tell her, because I am a big girl. I send her money, after all, don’t I? That was enough.

Bachelor Diaries
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All I could think of is, enyewe in this our Nairobi the only loyalty you can ever be sure of are the loyalty points you earn in supermarket card.

Bachelor Diaries
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The point here is that surviving Nairobi without being conned is an extreme sport. An average Nairobian is in a constant state of thief-dodgery. But you know what? At least all these kleptos want is money. Money can be made again.

People Matumbo
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Parents really showed how much they trusted you, by the amount of money they sent you to the shop with, and what exactly you went…

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Teresa, according to the all-knowing internet, is ‘generally believed to have been derived from the Greek word therizein, meaning to reap, or gather in, and…

Long Reads Mount Kenya as seen from Lewa Conservancy | by Japicha
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Picture this. A man on a black mamba that is no longer black. He rides around it in the neighbourhood, sometimes nipping in and out…

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Little stories

The first scenario happens some time in December last year. In it is a couple in the backseat of a cab, heading home. Somewhere during…

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