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Bachelor Diaries

The point here is that surviving Nairobi without being conned is an extreme sport. An average Nairobian is in a constant state of thief-dodgery. But you know what? At least all these kleptos want is money. Money can be made again.

Places Havana, Cuban woman smoking cigar
Havana state of mind

The first time I descended those stairs, it was the scent of sweat, halfway down, that prepared me for the kind of sinfully beautiful things…

Because of Geography [part 4]

When the devils that drive the beasts of men to their madness finally reached their destinations, everything descended to shit. Started with the blackout. When…

Campus the Magunga
When We Became Selfish

I got confused when the might Babu Owino went on TV to warn politicians against using students in the Saba saba supposed uprising. If you…