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Who are you to tell?

When you sit next to a rapist, something inside your body screams in fear, but you’re not sure if you should be scared in the…

Poetry the Magunga
#SpokenWord Listen by Akuya Ekorot

Methali ilinifunza kuna walimu wawili wakuu* Mamangu na Ulimwengu Nilipata fursa ya kumjua mmoja tu Ulimwengu Kumwona na kumwongelesha mamangu nilitaka lakini Aliiweka dhahiri kua…

Quickie the Magunga
Daddy’s Little Girl

The room is dark at first. The sudden adjustment from the sunny living room to the poorly lit bedroom hurts her eyes. Olivia narrows her…

Raped in Campus

There are certain things that scratch my soul. Things like campus ladies who cannot spell, and therefore end up sending a message on Facebook that…

People the Magunga

Those who have experienced rape will forever and a day live through it. They will never forget how it transpired. Sometimes it was by a…