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The final exams were over and nobody was staying behind. I found it so incredible how some people were in such a hurry to leave…

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Only God Can Judge Me

You do not want to be online when exam results are released. Especially when they are your final year results. Suddenly your timeline is filled with…

Campus the Magunga
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Refreshing Memory

Cheating is normal. Students cheat, but it is not an easy thing. It takes an extra pair of nuts for a students to refresh memory…

Campus the Magunga
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The Prophecy

She brags of a brain so good it wrote one of the best dissertations in her year. She graduated with a second class honors, upper…

Campus the Magunga
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Forbidden Memories

We are making friendly conversation, reminiscing about our formative campus years, when she was a fresher and I was a second year. She sits on…

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