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    Then that policeman cocked him gun at me. I do not know guns, so I do not know what model he was carrying. Must’ve been an AK47, but don’t take my word for it. That shit does not sound like it does in the movies.

    Down by the river via @theMagunga

    Except, this time I have no mother to go home to. She’s not ati dead. But there is nothing she can do. Even Mother Karua has limits. And Jack Dorsey is not her cousin – trust me, I asked. So I am stuck out here in the cold.

    The Suspension via @theMagunga


    He had moved in before I knew it. I had a small bedsitter. He had problems with his landlord. I liked him well enough. It wasn’t rocket science. Once again, I didn’t think it was a big deal for him to move in. I mean, this was Nairobi, right? I knew my mother wouldn’t approve, so I didn’t tell her, because I am a big girl. I send her money, after all, don’t I? That was enough.

    Mama Cera via @theMagunga
    To eat with kings via @theMagunga
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