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Death by WhatsApp

It was like being in a WhatsApp group with one person. And I did not understand why she could not get it. There you are doing a monologue in someone’s DM and after going on and on with your TED Talk and nobody is responding, si you should know that person is not interested? And what’s worse was that at the time I was going through a writer’s block. This is the first post I am putting up in two months. But because God is a humorist, he denied me words and put them in the fingers of this woman.


For Akello

Like Kisumu rain, I can hear them coming from far. Starts with a hum, then…

Places the Magunga

Kisumo pacho

You know, there is this small jealousy that used to choke us people of the…


Karua’s Car

My father was offended because I thought he could not afford to send 5k. Or…


The boy from Nkando

The bell rings but as per usual, our teacher keeps teaching. Nanyuki High School is…

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