Author: Alexander Ikawah

Writer and Film-maker who intends to improve the quality of local Film/TV content & find new ways of generating & maintaining earnings in local Film/TV biz.

It rains in the city Sleet drives against the windows Of the immobile fourty-two seater And water flows on the tarmac like a river. We are jam-packed like sardines in the traffic jam. The conductor is dirty and rude He laughs as he speaks on the phone “I am carrying a busload of women alone Should I take them to town or my home?” We glare at him but he goes on. The windows won’t open It is hot like an oven We are baking with rage The idiot catcalls a young girl by the stage It is obvious she…

It Rains in the City via @theMagunga
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Father, The uncle in whose hands you left us Is cannibalizing us He has turned us into animals Led us to a foreign land For his enemies to slaughter And while we scream so painfully You and mother squabble too loudly To hear us crying We are the ones that are dying. Here, lying by this pool of blood My blood, your blood Spilled on this foreign land By this blood I swear; If you do not seek redress for me Because uncle is family By my warm dying blood I curse you mother I curse you father I curse…

Song of a KDF Soldier’s Soul via @theMagunga
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The bombshell lies on my bed Smiles and leans back her head I go down cautiously Tonight I am playing with fire Using my tongue tenderly To tickle the red wire. I will die in this little room If this bombshell goes boom. They killed a hundred and thirty in Paris With guns and devices just like this They arranged the bodies in lines Their pictures in the New York Times. I should have switched off the television before we started to kiss It is difficult; making love in these terrorist times.

Love in a Time of ISIL via @theMagunga
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I would like to make this clear Countryman, give me your ear A certain prominent female politician here Is not my girlfriend I fear. And you people did this last year. You interfered with my life By claiming I had another wife. She wasn’t mine either. These are things I do not want to hear. In fact I am as curious as you to hear Whose wives and girlfriends these prominent women are. Signed, Commander-In-Fear. © Alexander Ikawah Image by The Star Newspaper

Kenya This Morning via @theMagunga
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