Author: Nancy Cherotich

I had to call my brother to ask him what I fear the most. I asked him if he thinks I am a ninja. He laughed and asked why I was partaking in whiskey without him. When I told him I was serious and I needed to know what I fear the most, the answers came flowing like he had waited for that question all his life. “That one is easy. You fear chameleons, lizards and house parties.” “I do not fear house parties. I hate them.” “Hahahaha! Hate is a word you use when you want to sound like…

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by Nancy Cherotich I am not from a wealthy family but I will be a liar if I say that I lacked the basics growing up. If my parents struggled while bringing us up, then I was either too young to notice or they were very good at acting. I vividly remember that our first home was a rented two-roomed house in a very typical plot. Women and house girls would fight endlessly over the most trivial of things, which at that time looked like it meant the world to them. From space at the hanging lines, to whose duty…

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