Author: Awiti Daisy

I'm coursing through all of life's elements and writing poetry while at it.

Didn’t you see the tears on my face When you reached out to me, Plucked the petals that clothed me Then lay me bare to the world? But then those soon dried, Dust sticking to the stains that remained When you cast my body upon the ground. Didn’t you hear my screams When the monsters you invited Groped and grabbed at me, While others stared from the back? I soon grew silent when I realised That no one would come to save me So I tried to lie still and pray for a quick end. Didn’t you know you hurt…

Exposed via @theMagunga
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Girl child, mild child I had my dolls for babies Played house with friends Where I’d stay home and cook While the boys went to work Girl child, wild child I wore long pants, never skirts Defied mother and climbed trees I wouldn’t stand being left behind While my brothers had their fun Girl child, no longer a child Married before I realized my dreams Before passing my sell by date And all my education was for naught For I stayed home and cooked. © Daisy Awiti Facebook: Daisy Awiti Twitter: @Daisy_Awiti

Girl Child, Mild Child via @theMagunga
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