Author: Dami Ajayi

I am a medical doctor currently specializing in psychiatry. But this is just one of my interests. I am also a writer, a poet, a co-publisher of Saraba literary magazine and a music/film critic.

But the Holy Bible does not wish a working man with hands callused from the till of the land nothing but goodwill, does not wish long weary shadows trudging through the evening sunshine nothing but rest, does not say that dusky Mondays should find barstools sleeping on smooth tavern slabs. Overrated, Mondays leap restlessly As if to jumpstart inertia, the city crackles like the business end of a fake Cuban cigar; Monday comes tumbling in like a disrespectful second cousin. The chime of 4’o clock is where the day work docks, simply say, the day ebbs, stretches, lapses into its…

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