Author: Echezonachukwu Nduka

Musicologist, Pianist & Poet. Apotheosis Art House. Bronze Prize Winner of the 4th Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast. Reach him on [email protected] Listen. That night I walked away from Your queries and accusing eyes, The flap-flap sound of my slippers Played rhythms to the lone tone of A toad in the dark; I cried, paused, and cried some more. Listen. My luggage is heavy with clothes and complaints My new accent is penance for my sin in London’s winter. It sits on my tongue in discomfort, like one sits On a chair whose leg is broken and shaky. And who knows, my forefather’s gods might have Shed tears the size of Agulu Lake; vowing to twist My tongue back to…

Listen | by Echezonachukwu Nduka via @theMagunga
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“In the economy of sound, music is found.”—Dami Ajayi. In a certain office free of sound, A professor thinks of crotchets and minims as music. At the corner, a dusty piano stands in regret Its keys and pedals as memorabilia for display. These walls are new graves for Haydn and Beethoven, Symphonies don’t sound in scores scattered in shelves. But where is the sound where music shows its face? These papers don’t sing; humans do. Instruments do too. Take a walk along the streets where songs don’t hide Take a walk, my old man, don’t sit and stare at sheets…

Where Music Lives via @theMagunga
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