Author: Eddy Ongili

Eddy Ongili is Words Freak.

I have thrown away The ramshackle of your hesitant love Alongside your party-hopping To the cistern store of yesterday That you are gone Is beyond any texture of my desire Beyond any sound of a violin Beyond the surface of your pretty face You will be found in the peasantry of my words Dutifully cleaning the dance floor of our dreams So, go further to the conjugations of want And feel the new touch of a poet Who revels in my eulogy Without the knowledge of my participation In fermenting a weak spot for his kind And to the grandiosity…

Brittle Moments via @theMagunga
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When the world matures around me When time shall dance with my squeaking bones That my pen will succumb to the aridity of impotency And I shall be unable to write you, anymore Will you tell the world, who I was to you? When it shall come to pass That a researcher will study my poetry That a class will marvel at my lamentations That in all wrongs, I shall be labeled a courier of unrequition Would it make you proud of my tireless pursuit? When a mournful visage of you Shall carry a bottled ocean on your back To…

3D Distortions via @theMagunga
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We were enraged and battle-hardened persons in the field of life But, when they first touched our hands and whispered – Love. We stood still, unable to react until we realized we were Pines Then aridity arose us only when they became Inconstant, Fleeting, Stiff and Stormy. And it was too late when we realized we were lost In a love, a nightmare that for the best solemnly Sank us in a bondage of reacting to smoke even in the absence of inferno, That weakened our perversion to watch them squirt in our hands. We wanted so badly to look…

For Those We Couldn’t Have via @theMagunga
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