Author: Gabriel Oguda

Development Anthropologist. Health Promotion Practitioner. Grassroots Football Advocate. Researcher. (Non-Fiction) Reader. Herdsman Emeritus.

I am told my late grandmother held me up to the sky and spat on my forehead at birth; she said my death would never come from the hand of man, and that I was too blessed to be cursed. In the hierarchy of birth, considering all my father’s children, I was tenth in the pecking order. So I started this race of life at 10th place.

The Hill Born via @theMagunga
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I would want to imagine that ODM made special arrangements for nominations in Muhoroni Constituency. Because whatever happened in 2013 must not repeat itself. The 2002 NARC campaigns was always going to put Luo Nyanza on the edge. Prof. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny, believing that he could take advantage of the economic recovery agenda fronted by the NARC wave, resigns from Maseno University as a Plant Science lecturer and returns to Muhoroni to make a case for his candidature. He has a PhD in Genetics, not least from the University of California, Davis. Muhoroni is told, that the NARC government will…

Into the Sugarlands; A Battle for Muhoroni via @theMagunga
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