Author: Joe Munuve

Writer. Literature Student at University of Nairobi. Dark like the sweetest berries.

Wednesday. Dusk. The sun is taking a dip, going down the horizon, taking with it the exams. I’m standing outside Taifa hall in a slight blue t-shirt, breathing in the serene air, listening to the gushing sound of the fountain. I’ve just finished my exams and I feel light. I figure I’ll be drinking Tusker Lite today, there’s just somethings that just go together. Unquestioned analogies. I’ll be drinking it cold and straight out of the bottle so I can feel the beer gushing just like the fountain. It’s been a hectic semester and I’m just glad I’m done and…

Exams and Cabs Thereafter via @theMagunga
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A few years back, when my moustache was nothing more than scattered, wispy whiskers and my voice, or indeed my temperate, was yet to break, seated in a school bus, bored out of my skull; rebellious and cranky like Holden in the Catcher of the Rye, I looked out the window and saw my first Jaguar. The car, that is, not the musician. We were stuck in traffic, it was right around the time Thika Road was being built, when travelling was a bloated, haphazard affair and a little Mandarin had already sipped into Githu. The heat and stuffiness inside…

Set the Pace via @theMagunga
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[Editor’s Note: You guys know Joe Black Munuve, from bikozulu? Yeah, he wrote in this space. About high school and life thereafter. Enjoy] The theme song of an on screen depiction of my finishing high school would be R-Kelly’s ‘The Storm is Over’. High school has been a glide through unpredictable skies. I still can‘t believe I’m done. At some point, the question of high school’s worth had been sitting on a weak fence. The four years have flown so fast. I have clear memories of joining high school as a mono; the lowest form of life. So far below…

Joe Munuve: High School and Life Thereafter via @theMagunga
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