Author: Linda Musita

I believe that you are all aliens and I am the only earthling...but I won't fight the majority and try to rid the earth of you. I will play pretend.

The phone rang. Mama picked. Three minutes after ‘hello’ she was still listening. “Thank you,” she finally said. She then went to her bedroom and came out shortly wearing her fur coat. “Come on, we have to go mandicate your brother at the morgue”. “Mandicate? What does that mean?” I asked as Ben and I followed her to the car. No answer. *** She gave me the money. “Tell him to give you a quarter of a kilogramme.” I took the money from her hand and her long pinkie finger nail scratched my thumb. It always did, every time I…

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Women like me have no choice but to perform our pregnancies. We don’t have loads of cash stashed away, neither do we have husbands who earn and invest – as opposed to those who earn and ask the 15th  day of the month where it took their hard-earned money. We have to assault humanity with our bellies, whether we are career women or breaking our backs at tea farms, just so we can get money for maternity care, consultation fees, a normal delivery, baby’s things, mummy’s things, healthy food and an emergency kitty; which sometimes won’t be enough if the…

LINDA MUSITA: How I Performed My Pregnancy via @theMagunga
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“From the moment of birth the Stone Age Baby confronts the twentieth century mother, the baby is subjected to these forces of violence called love, as its mother and father and their parents before them have been. These forces are mainly concerned with destroying most of its potentialities and on the whole, this enterprise is successful.” -R.D Laing Yah, Laing. I used to think this was the most accurate quote in the world at a time when I felt that my mother was assaulting and inhibiting my movement with all her love and care. Then I became a mother and…

#AMomStory: Linda Musita aka Mama Georgie via @theMagunga
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