Author: Mark Renja

Writer. Gamer. Midget. That's all. Oh, and a former Daily Nation online sub-editor as well as a long-suffering Sunderland FC fan.

I now respect bloggers. Please, before expressing your indignation, allow me to explain. From December 13th 2011 to September 5th 2015, I worked as a journalist. Journalists, if I may speak generally, distrust bloggers. Who pays them? Who are their sources? Why do they sit in their houses ‘blogging’ (whatever that entails, we chortle) instead of looking for ‘legitimate’ employment? This shouldn’t surprise you. Because, as much as they hate to admit it, journalists know how powerful bloggers can be, and the threat they may pose to the traditional newsroom. Those with the right connections can ‘scoop’ us. Those with…

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