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I’ll never forget the day it happened. 13th September 2014. It was an unusually warm and sunny Saturday, considering it had been raining heavily for the past few weeks. Why can’t forget it? Because of what I did next. I took the car keys from Mum’s drawer, muttered “I’m off to Kikuyu to get some supplies.” Only that I didn’t go to Kikuyu. Instead, I got into the car and drove all the way past Limuru, to the Great Rift Valley Viewpoint, whereupon I gazed into the horizon, that marvelous freak of nature and sobbed, bitterly. I just wasn’t myself.…

‘Coming Back to Me’ by Marcus Trescothick via @theMagunga
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[Chief Goon Note: This being the final week of the #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 I shall have two guest writers from fans who have interacted with the Smart TV. First up is DeMaitha on  Beating the Digital TV Migration] **** Sometimes all you need in life is a break. If you’re the kind of guy who believes there’s a Bigger Guy up there somewhere in the clouds directing your every move and giving you that opportunity, fair play to you. So let’s assume that God answers your prayers. You’ve won the lottery. Or one of those ubiquitous “cheza ushinde” promotions courtesy of your favourite…

Migration to the Smart & Sexy via @theMagunga
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