Author: Medrine Nyambura

BRUNO KEVIN AUGUSTINE SISO –  21 years old There are many myths about the name you are given depending on which community you come from. For some it will be an incarnation of your descendants you will carry their traits, physical features, their good tidings and God forbid the curses that befell them. Religiously speaking, the continuous profession of your name every time someone calls you is what gives naming a child enormous weight. Bruno has no idea which might have played a part into his life. His name is the same as the well known singer song writer Bruno…

The last men standing via @theMagunga
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I am torn between getting a bike or a Kadudu. With a bike I will get to where I need to be in good time but with the anarchy that is Thika and Jogoo road, two wheels do not seem plausible. A Kadudu is perfect for all weather, however, depending on his mood, Henry Rotich might make it hard for me to adequately budget for fuel. Whichever way I go, I need to save as there is no chance on God’s green earth I will Ngirita my way out of this one and still carry my grandmother’s name. One of…

Running Wild via @theMagunga
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