Author: Paul Otieno

Noise maker. Storyteller. Photographer.

As a young kid growing up, you go about doing the things growing up kids do. You are a little troublemaker. It comes with the territory. But the constitution is very clear. You go about young lads’ business with gusto. Either sent to the shop or the market, or just going to play and looking for all the mischief your age allows. The constitution is very clear on that matter. You are a child. On your way, you pass through thickets and bushy paths. Some plants are easy, like, you know, Sunday morning. But others are introverts, and like to…

The itch from Nyamasaria via @theMagunga
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I get a lot of inspiration from the current Liverpool Coach, Jürgen Klopp. I love that he is constantly learning and constantly winning. You can see his team is getting better by the minute. Every game is more exciting than the one before. The game evolves. I wish for that same evolution and growth, that verve, that same joy, for my Kaya Stars. I only hope and pray that I am an adequate guide to show them the way.

Miseh Segero via @theMagunga
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The water hyacinth menace may not go away overnight, but families are now able to conserve their environment. Hopefully soon, someone will enjoy safe swimming in Lake Victoria. Maybe that person will even be me. I can only hope.

Longing for a swim via @theMagunga
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The first time I heard Luther Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’, it was from my father’s prized radio system. I must have been about 8 or 9. It was a grave mistake, because all our radio listening privileges had been taken away for a whole month.

Never too much via @theMagunga
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I have been seeing audition calls for Twaweza Live Kisumu Tour on Facebook, that event that musical Safaricom is touring across the country. And I am still jealous. Because a few years back, if I had not been heartbroken by the girl of my dreams, I would probably be singing on that stage. And if there is one Safaricom Twaweza Live tour I would have loved to be in, it is the one that is going to happen in Kisumu. Because I have never, ever, attended a concert in Kisumu. And from history, Safaricom knows what they are doing when…

Lillyanne wa Pau via @theMagunga
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Parents really showed how much they trusted you, by the amount of money they sent you to the shop with, and what exactly you went to buy. 10 bob, they don’t trust you at all, and they are just too tired to go to the shop. If you lose that 10 bob, don’t come back. 20 bob, you are still on mezzanine 19 and you have 8 more years to reach ground floor. 50 bob, you have potential. At 100 bob, my mother was publicly acknowledging that you are their child, and that they gave birth to you, and her…

Matumbogate via @theMagunga
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