Author: Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga

A lover of art, charity and science. Treats, writes and reads. He writes for Jalada Africa and his blog Let's Tell Tales (

all cities yield their grammar, even Nairobi, sixteen years on. i have learnt the concrete nouns of places, the conjunctions of fly-overs, along Thika Road, Jogoo, Uhuru Highway, scattered. i know the chaos of pronouns inflecting themselves at bus stops. i have heard the roaring verbs conjugating on the suburbs, fluent in the gin-soaked slang of eastlando, the vanilla pidgin of ghetto. i know that life in Nairobi is lived adverbially, busily, showily, hopefully. with #hashtags and throwbacks, double-taps. Nairobi, babel of adjectives, amorphous, arcane, mercantile, plain, from terrestrial Korogocho to city’s aquatic illusions. street by street i have walked…

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