Author: Saddiq Dzukogi

Saddiq M. Dzukogi is an award winning poet, a rising voice in the literary circle in Nigeria. He is proud of two poetry collections; Images of life (2004), Canvas 2011 (shortlisted for 2012 ANA Poetry Prize) and Sunbeams & Shadows. He was the maiden winner of ANA/Mazariyya Teen Authorship Prize for poetry back in 2007.

I am learning to love my child whose father split my legs into an opened brochure to read hallowed letters of a sacred light I am learning to love him even when his pout is the picture of a man who snatched the knowledge of how to smile from my spout I am learning to love my child My face clouds up at will when his air comes to remind of that day’s odour when a skin bruised mine and razor-sharp fingers cut thick anguish whose scars refuse to shrink I am learning to love him even when he bites my…

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