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It’s so surreal to call myself a mom, at least at this point in my life. Some time last year, I was not sure I wanted to have kids and now, I cannot remember what life was without my little one. See, from the time that I suspected he was coming into being, to the time that I made a conscious decision to bring him forth, I walked in anxiety and worry. All fears melted away when I let the old me die, and I took up the calling to be a mother to another. This is not to say…

#AMomStory: Poops, Pukes & Paranoia via @theMagunga
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Looking into his eyes that night, she knew exactly what she wanted, which was unusual, because she hardly ever had anything figured out. They had been friends for a while now and she always knew that her fondness of him was a little above the friendly limit. She’d smile at the thought of him, her heart would flutter at the mention of his name and her knees melted at the sound of his voice. His touch reduced her into a hodgepodge of a thoughts and emotions. See, she had refrained from letting herself give into her girlish infatuation of him.…

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She sees the marks that raindrops left on the tarmac when they hit the ground, and immediately imagines how long it would take her to get home. She hates living in a big city on days like these. They make her wish she could teleport away from the protraction of city traffic; simply blink herself home. Her phone vibrates in her pocket. She looks at the screen, her excited heart leaping, only to be suddenly deflated. It is not who she was hoping would call. It is her illicit lover, calling to find out whether they were still on for…

Meanwhile Outside, It’s Raining via @theMagunga
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