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    I know you are a champion
    You have conquered fields and won crowns
    You have been carried up by crowds
    Walked on deserts,
    Touched your tongue on burning coal
    And eaten hot pepper, bare
    Been happy and you’ve frowned
    Been lost and found

    You have flown above clear skies
    Had clouds singing, calling you out
    You have swum, you have drowned
    I have no single doubt
    That you have dined with men so profound

    You have touched greatness with your bare hands
    Sung songs only angels could sing
    I know the paths you have walked
    That your back has wings
    You have eaten with kings
    Rubbed shoulders with mighty beings
    Your words…your words are living things

    You swallowed wisdom alive
    And you, you have thrived
    That God knows your name
    Only one thing you haven’t done in your entire life
    To die

    But do not be fooled
    You can still be taught
    Lied to, even killed

    There are paths you are yet to step with your feet
    Foods you are yet to eat
    A God you are yet to meet
    Places you are yet to sit
    Dark corners in your heart, yet to be lit
    And a past you can never delete

    There are trees you are yet to see
    Love you are yet to feel
    A being you are yet to be
    A heaven… you are yet to enter
    You can still be told
    So while you can, listen
    Be gentle, be bold
    There’s a lot of life cooking in your kitchen
    To this world do not be sold
    And fathom
    A soft heart never grows old, only big
    And the only way to be big
    Is by being small
    Be the meekest bird in your flock
    But most of all
    Just be a child…

    (c) Rixpoet

    Twitter: @Rixpoet
    Facebook page:
    Webpages: &

    [Began writing poetry at the age of 16 but began performing in secondary school parades. Co-Founder of Fatuma’s Voice and Managing Director of Kenyan Poets Lounge. Loves poetry with all his heart and has dedicated his life to it.] [vsw id=”RZxAVE69wx4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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    Joe Mugendi

    Nice thing you are doing here. Hosting poets and all. Keep at it

    Joe Mugendi

    Maybe one of these days i should attend these poetry shindigs and interact with some of these creative minds.

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