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Not that there are a lot of passports to go around. A lot of the time, refugees become so because they do not have the documentation needed to prove that they belong to something, to a government somewhere. It’s funny how little pieces of paper – money, IDs, passports – become so important when you don’t have them. But who is thinking of carrying a passport when you’re running away to save your life?

David Majak via @theMagunga

I get a lot of inspiration from the current Liverpool Coach, Jürgen Klopp. I love that he is constantly learning and constantly winning. You can see his team is getting better by the minute. Every game is more exciting than the one before. The game evolves. I wish for that same evolution and growth, that verve, that same joy, for my Kaya Stars. I only hope and pray that I am an adequate guide to show them the way.

Miseh Segero via @theMagunga

There is no way your home could have given you malaria, not after 28 years. Kwani which mosquitoes have been biting you your whole life? What kind of upside-down science are they teaching in universities these days?

The patient via @theMagunga

We get to the field and watch the boys a little. Because we like games, we quickly pick up the rules. We start shouting tips from the side of the field. We have favourites. Scola’s brother, of course, and others. After a few weeks, someone gets tired of us stealing the ball and shouting so much and asks us if we want to play, since we know so much about it. We’re in!

Catarina via @theMagunga

He had moved in before I knew it. I had a small bedsitter. He had problems with his landlord. I liked him well enough. It wasn’t rocket science. Once again, I didn’t think it was a big deal for him to move in. I mean, this was Nairobi, right? I knew my mother wouldn’t approve, so I didn’t tell her, because I am a big girl. I send her money, after all, don’t I? That was enough.

Mama Cera via @theMagunga

Dating is like deciding which bundle you would prefer – the one that actually listens to the customer and gives them what they want, or the one that blabs on the phone all day without paying attention to the customer’s needs.

The bundle of joy via @theMagunga