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The bundle of joy

Dating is like deciding which bundle you would prefer – the one that actually listens to the customer and gives them what they want, or the one that blabs on the phone all day without paying attention to the customer’s needs.

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Depth over distance

Safaricom had come in as the network to connect people. What you do with it is really up to you, I guess.

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Bad Manners

I consider myself lucky though, you know? Imagine if things were different. Like it I was a girl, or if I was from a highly religious family, or both. Like Zahra. Imagine if I was a Zahra and got pregnant. Imagine if I was a boy, but had feelings for another boy and we were caught pants down (in every meaning of that phrase). This story would have been completely different, and most likely, more tragic.

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For Akello

Like Kisumu rain, I can hear them coming from far. Starts with a hum, then…

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Pulling out

I sat cross-legged on the floor under the dangling naked light bulb; three tests arranged…

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Going to cook

Everyone else seemed cool with the idea except me. I could not understand it. No.…

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