I am he, who was brought up before you,but for you
I am the Prince Charming, the Knight in shining armour but…
I will not treat you like a princess, “like I was raised by a queen”
I will treat you like my queen, for I am the king, and you are my dominion to protect.
Oh, I know that you, like in chess,
will never let your king get a checkmate by any Jane, Ann or Mary
Since, you would gladly give up your life for me.

I am Adam, who saw life complete.
But when I had my deep sleep
You became the woman of my dreams
Yes, the rib that was picked in my dreams
Didn’t come up as a supplement, rather showed me how complete I could be.
And when I woke up, you became my world!
I know you are not perfect, maybe not the best.
So I won’t call you one in a million

You are the only one in my garden of love
So let’s get bound by the serpent you chose to listen to.
Let your sin ring us together, Eve
It is you who maketh our home. By rock or by sin, let us nakedly move in.
Let the fruit clothe us. The apple shall be our pride, and they shall call it Adam’s apple since it gives the Bass for a conversation.
I know voices could bring forth anything; We both know God formed the world with them.
So mine shall create not arguments but a woman.
They will make you temper to all degrees yet still call you beautiful.
And I will let you be, always
When you are hot
I’ll let you be iron
So you could make straight our crises
When you are cold
I’ll let you be the ice-cap
And I will be the mountain to stand your chin tall
Then, you will make us the biggest attraction!


I know, I know…
A woman is not written in braille
You don’t have to touch her so as to know her.
A woman is not scripted in Hollywood
The directors she’s passed through don’t determine her category
A woman is not YouTube
The views don’t determine her quality
A woman is jealous, ravenous, venomous and much more!
She is…you are…the feminine part of me


The one who would let me be
Be a player!
She knows every man was born a player
Or at least believes so.
And I want to be the very celebrated star
So let me be Injeera
Make the most tries ever
In sweeping you of your feet to touchdown
So that you may fall right in my arms
And I will tackle every opposing side
Let me be Christiano Ronaldo
Every free kick I get
I shall dismantle every “keeper” before that net between our eyes
And let me be Messi
Make the rain less messy with a trick; A HAT-TRICK

For I am your cover, girl
And you are my cover-girl
I will replace hunger games with dates
Playing lying games will be lying games
I want to make you my ball
Yes, that one that every player will aim at first
And when you prove unkickable
Let them say that that woman is making a fool out of you
Yes, I am in full
Since my mind is RIGHT
But I chose with what’s LEFT
Looked right, left, right again then crossed my heart to you!


You are my Eve, who came in the eve of my life
After money attracted females I wanted
Struggle showed me you, the woman I need
Through that playing hard to get that I surely thank you for
I vow to you:
I will not make you my Main chick
Not unless you shall brush my Mane, Cheek and beards
I will make you my side chick though,
Yes, the lady who is seen every day by my side kissing my cheek
I will transform you into a prophetess
For I have a vision for us, that you shall see and foretell
And you shall see us as one
Till death do as part
It is love we’ll impart
So even when we are chased completely out of Eden of our love


It is out of love that you will be the sight at my wrist
My priest at the feast
One whom I shall not touch by my fist
For bid and bet, forbidden is the bed
Till we tie the knot, to try the now not, the forbidden fruit.
I may lie, but I shall not cheat on you
You also have the permission to break my legs if you think I’m a cheetah
Then give me a bed to lie on
For I promised to be your lion
I’d roar to the whole world
With pride till they go wild
That I miss you like how a dumbass does to a goddamn straight point
Point it straight, I am your Adam, You are my woman, my Eve!


Just A Man

© Archangel Ngumi


Twitter: @ngumi_archangel
Instagram: @ngumi_archangel
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/archangelngumi
Google+ : Archangel Ngumi
Blog: www.archangelngumi.wordpress.com

About Archangel Ngumi:

I am a son of Africa, just turned 20 this month. I have 3 passions;
God, Art and Mathematics. That bring us down to being a 2nd year
student at JKUAT pursuing BSc. Actuarial Science, and a poet who also
is into acting and creative arts. I discovered I could also draw, just
February this year.

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