Found Places

Some life is found on roads
Where particles of dust thrive
To remind us of our journeys
But what are journeys without dust
And books without words

Find me in the covers of books
Smelling scents of ink in black and white
Feeding from stories with hats and kites
Fold me at the edges of pages
That move like rivers’ broken banks

Some life is found on trees
Where birds tweet in early morning sprees
Singing wordless music to an ignorant humanity

Find me in the spring of leaves
The sway of trees
Working to gift the air with purity
Clouds, skies, mountain peaks;
Flowers, bees, morning dews

Some life is found in boats
That lay quiet along sea shores
With untold stories of angry fish and happy tides
Find me in laughters of new born
Smiles of fathers upon daughters
Pats of mothers to sons with pride of life

Some life is found in lonely street alleys
Crying out of broken hearts
Missing the souls
That walked through them on sunny days

Find me in these streets
With clothes befriending the cold
Hands stretched to people who have homes

You can find me in the places I have found
Where, can I find you?


Originally written for Creativez Garage #WTF Series


© Rixpoet & Gufy

Gufy Dox – Ogero Oscar | @gufydox on Twitter
Rixpoet – Eric Onyango Otieno | @Rixpoet on Twitter
Found Places via @theMagunga

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  1. 25th May 2015

    tell me who you are and I tell you who I am I am no poet but I give you licence nice peace

  2. 25th May 2015

    yes i know where to find you but i do not know who you are so i may pass you by without recognizing have the peace and i am left holding to a piece of a blog

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