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    My view,
    I smile, cry, shudder, weep,
    For into the souls of men I see deep,
    A tear for the thief I see creep,
    A smile for the lovers I see peep,
    From my view,
    I see down into souls deep,

    A smile for the hungry I see fed,
    A tear for the adulteress I see in bed,
    A smile for the blind I see led,
    A tear for the blood I see flowing red,
    From my view,
    I see the living and the dead,
    A smile for the sick I see treat,
    A tear for the wife I see beat,
    A smile for the child grasping a sweet,
    A tear for the husband I see cheat,
    From my view,
    I see different days but the same shit,
    From my view,
    I see all,
    The good and the bad,
    The happy and the sad,
    For my view, ’tis up on high,
    Sometimes I delight, sometimes I sigh,
    From my view I see all,
    I see all,
    From my view…

    My idea is to die young, as late as possible. I am a child of the world, a student of life and a social introvert. In other words, I am a poet.

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    Gasheri Gichunge


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