How Do I Tell You?

the Magunga

That the smile you see is on my lips.
That my heart is full alright
Just full of dark darkness
It is strong and it is pounding
I could explode anytime now

That today I don’t want to talk, can’t talk
That I just want you to hold me,
My head on your chest just hold me
I want to listen
Listen to my thoughts; please don’t say a word

That the food you just served me would drive foodies crazy
That sadly I can’t taste it
I have lost my sense of taste; I can’t taste
I have only the taste of darkness on my tongue

That you can’t read for me tonight
That I can’t bear happily-ever-afters
Not tonight
Tonight boy doesn’t get girl
He hates books and she loves warm coffee

That you can’t hug me tonight
That I can’t unfurl my arms to let you in
Too many broken pieces held together by a fabric of darkness
I am not sure they can hold your squeeze
I hug myself to myself holding them in place

That tonight I just want to be calm
That I want to try talk to myself
If I am still enough I can get into myself
Meet this darkness, have a word
Get to know each other

How do I tell you that I am sad?

Cover Photo: Black Girl Fly Mag

How Do I Tell You? via @theMagunga

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Muru wa Wangechi

In your embrace I feel your sadness and in your eyes I see the pain
The world may not farthom but I,I alone feel the weight of your sadness.
Each tear,each sigh,connects with my inner being
And I wish I knew what remedy would bring back the the glow and joy of a happy heart.
Only but for a short while my dear will the sadness linger
For in the nick of time, like a whirlwind
The billows of immeasurable happiness shall overwhelm you
O only how I wish I knew how

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