That the smile you see is on my lips.
That my heart is full alright
Just full of dark darkness
It is strong and it is pounding
I could explode anytime now

That today I don’t want to talk, can’t talk
That I just want you to hold me,
My head on your chest just hold me
I want to listen
Listen to my thoughts; please don’t say a word

That the food you just served me would drive foodies crazy
That sadly I can’t taste it
I have lost my sense of taste; I can’t taste
I have only the taste of darkness on my tongue

That you can’t read for me tonight
That I can’t bear happily-ever-afters
Not tonight
Tonight boy doesn’t get girl
He hates books and she loves warm coffee

That you can’t hug me tonight
That I can’t unfurl my arms to let you in
Too many broken pieces held together by a fabric of darkness
I am not sure they can hold your squeeze
I hug myself to myself holding them in place

That tonight I just want to be calm
That I want to try talk to myself
If I am still enough I can get into myself
Meet this darkness, have a word
Get to know each other

How do I tell you that I am sad?

Cover Photo: Black Girl Fly Mag

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  1. Muru wa Wangechi on

    In your embrace I feel your sadness and in your eyes I see the pain
    The world may not farthom but I,I alone feel the weight of your sadness.
    Each tear,each sigh,connects with my inner being
    And I wish I knew what remedy would bring back the the glow and joy of a happy heart.
    Only but for a short while my dear will the sadness linger
    For in the nick of time, like a whirlwind
    The billows of immeasurable happiness shall overwhelm you
    O only how I wish I knew how

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