Law students have their goose cooked. We feel cheated.

After going through a rigorous four year undergraduate course, we are still expected to go to the Kenya School of Law for another two years before we get our Diplomas to practice law. There we are reminded of the stuff we learned in college and expected to pay a total of Ksh. 196, 000. That added to the day to day expenses such as food, accommodation and transport comes to quarter a million. All in a span of one year. There is no student loan, regardless of whether or not you are from a poor family.

But that is not the problem. We know what we sign up for. But consider this: This past academic year, students sat for exams, which were released on the sixteenth of June. Of the 1,400 students who sat for the exams, only 125 passed all the papers.

So more than 90% of those students either failed some units or had missing marks or both.

Now, a remark costs Kshs. 10, 000 whereas a resit costs Kshs. 15, 000. And anyone who has missing marks pays a standard fee of Kshs. 2, 000 to enable the lecturer ‘check the marks’. Nobody is guaranteed of passing in case one choses to go down that root. When you think of it carefully, anyone who took the test and still wants to ever practice law has to do the papers again.

It stinks. This trade going on at the Kenya School of Law stinks. It is business galore. Do the math. How much is the institution going to make from the students who failed last year’s sitting? Is it a coincidence that this happens? Are students graduating to the Kenya School of Law just a bunch of busybodies with stagnant porridge between their ears?

Fine, I do agree that ever since all polytechnics and teachers training colleges were accredited and churned into universities, there has been a stream of mediocrity flowing into KSL. That excuse comes close, but it’s no cigar.

The leading university in Kenya, The University of Nairobi School of Law got its accreditation less than six months ago. The lecturers who teach at UoN, Moi and Strathmore Law School are also the same ones who teach at KSL.

So that means they give us the go ahead in campus, and run ahead to show us the stop sign at KSL? It does not add up, and I wonder why we are not making enough noise about this. Are we that afraid of Prof. PLO Lumumba and his grasp of the queen’s dialect?

Anyway, to those who long to be called ‘learned friends’, stand informed. Be inspired. As for me, consider this my towel. I’m done.

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  1. I totally feel you Magunga. Same shit goes on with Engineering. You endure five years, graduate, work for three years under a registered engineer and then attempt to get registered as an engineer. The registration board simply overcharges the interested candidates, ensures about 95% fail the process, and selectively registers a select few ……sorry this misery extends to Law.

  2. I totally agree. It is so devastating. I am in a public law school that is also incorporating this shortcut of money making in that retakes are given especially to those who are privately sponsored compelling them to pay too. Students fear speaking up as we may encounter victimization. Going through law school in itself is a test. I was so eager to go to KSL but now my heart is not there anymore. To think I am in my final year and how my parents are so eager to hear me called learned friend. our voices should be heard. something must be done, for the sake of future generations.

  3. accounting is the baba yao. pass the papers and thats it.Finito! no fuckery… seems guys are really needed to help pinch the taxpayers billions.

  4. I have been admitted to ksl this year, and already paid 75% of the fee.I am reading this, it reminds me of the same math I was doing just after graduation the other day.Fine am in,but is it worth it really or am I going to spend all that money just to start from scratch . Maybe I should withdraw this early and invest that money elsewhere. At this point I realized law students are being harassed indirectly and many drop out with regret and that is the whole point i guess.Am not so different from them because even now just a week to resuming classes, am still wondering if i really want in . There’s noone to ask, everyone is running for the cliff while others already jumped off and now are in need of consolation so there are no warning signs.Dont know whether to remain behind or just jump off the cliff’s a painful truth.

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