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I am just a writer. Nothing more. Everything else is sheer pantomime and comedy.

Cartoon by Bwana Mdogo

Meet Magunga Williams via @theMagunga

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  1. 29th May 2013

    I love what you do.Also a passionate writer and would love to have you as my mentor blogger.Was at MARANDA with you and I have the poem you wrote on your business paper;the last exam.Please get in touch on either 0708815780 or the email below so we can have a tete a tete.

  2. Magunga Williams –
    29th May 2013

    sure thing bro….I will call you, and i would like to have my business paper back. LOL.

  3. 31st May 2013

    dude you cool!yua writing did intrigue me.any writing society in the school,if any do let me know…writing is my life i integrate controversy of dan brown with the engaging style of ngugi wa thiong’o and uber-horror and spooky gift reminiscent of american stephen king ..0716476676,call me maybe!

  4. Magunga Williams –
    31st May 2013

    Lets just meet on the cyber space guys…..better that way

  5. Florence Bett –
    7th June 2013

    Real G,
    Drop by my blog sometime.
    Your presence will be an honor.


  6. Magunga Williams –
    7th June 2013

    Sure thing…why not?

  7. 5th July 2013

    You spin lyric a la snake charmer!
    Am as marvelled as I am enthralled,and I state..confidently,very confidently: time has told your portion! You are claiming the skies! Running wth th horses!
    But take care tht ‘these’ dont get to ur u may nt commune wth th gods of words n letters! We share Maranda,but will meet elsewhere! Aluta continua..knowing as you know..piny osiko toksikie..put ur best foot forward;am expectant_so pregnant

  8. 4th August 2013

    Man u just crazy!!but exceptionally talented.great stories and the humour..hehe,its too much.keep up the good work.your the best out there

  9. 22nd August 2013

    From what I’ve read, seems like Bikozulu is your mentor/icon. Keep spewing. Great work…:)

  10. Magunga Williams –
    22nd August 2013

    who doesn’t like Biko? I think he is amazing, does a swell job at High School. When I grow up, I will write like he does

  11. 13th October 2013

    You must be one of the greatest comedian blogger i have ever made. Even this one of mine is far behind this standards. Keep up bro, keep it up. I am also a freelance writer; we would share a lot of comics about the same. If you are in Nairobi we gonna converge with John and others to do something big. This country needs crtitcal minds.

  12. 14th October 2013

    George will u marry me?

  13. Magunga Williams –
    14th October 2013


  14. Magunga Williams –
    21st October 2013

    Wait, who is John?

  15. 18th November 2013

    Hey George!!when were you in maranda??? i do like your articles…

  16. Magunga Williams –
    18th November 2013

    Feb 2005 to Nov 2008.

  17. 19th November 2013

    my favorite passtime…

  18. 2nd December 2013

    looooooooooove ua articles

  19. 6th February 2014

    I saw your recommendation on Oyunga Pala’s TL. Bravo. If you got a second, check out let me know what you think.

  20. Magunga Williams –
    6th February 2014

    Sawa guv. On it. Karibu

  21. 26th February 2014

    I know where you live and I implanted a chip on you. I will not be satisfied with just meeting on the cyber space. That said; I absolutely love your writing. And no, do not write like Biko. Stick to you, I like you that way.

  22. Magunga Williams –
    13th March 2014

    i write like Biko??

  23. 25th April 2014

    Regardless of you writing like Biko or not, of late Magunga, you are taking over the mantle, Biko seems to be tired nowadays. I stumbled on this blog early this year and as you can see I’m busy going down your mines of literature. I’m Hooked. So far for me, the “Road to fame” and “Crystal” story are up there with the clouds, though I haven’t dug up the rest. Good work Magunga (ツ)/

  24. Magunga Williams –
    28th April 2014

    You are kind, Opiyo. Thank you.

  25. 12th May 2014

    Hey there fellow scribe…well, like you I say I write (scribble) to remain sane. Keep on marrying the letters and their children (stories) never disappoint :). Oh, and when you put your pen down…swing by

  26. Magunga Williams –
    12th May 2014

    thank you lilian

  27. Magunga Williams –
    12th May 2014

    Anything for a WOSWA lady 🙂

  28. 14th May 2014

    If I knew then, what I know now. Rings a bell. It’s all about inspiration. Keep writing G!Inspire.

    Cc- fellow goon, Njoro batallion.

  29. Magunga Williams –
    14th May 2014

    You are doing a swell job at Kalunde’s Scribbles. Keep it up.

  30. 24th May 2014

    Thanks Magunga…we should compare notes sometime..

  31. Magunga Williams –
    5th June 2014

    Thanks goon…

  32. 5th June 2014

    hey, u guy u just so dope,thnx goon or shud i just say ur lordship :-p

  33. Magunga Williams –
    6th June 2014

    goon is just fine sir

  34. 16th June 2014

    you are an inspiration to the likes of myself bro! Keep up the good job.

  35. 26th August 2014

    misled by his own teachers,…but it was never too late

  36. Magunga Williams –
    5th September 2014

    we should

  37. Magunga Williams –
    5th September 2014

    Thank you. I will

  38. Magunga Williams –
    5th September 2014

    It is never too late to follow your inner voice. And that I did.

  39. 5th September 2014

    The beauty of stories is that you can read them in isolation, they never judge you, sometimes they hug you,tickle you,fill your heart with love,others with rage,others make you drop a tear&others leave you so tone apart. it is the journeys they walk you that makes them unique.At time when your lips are so heavy to utter,don’t look far,just cast your burdens to the loyal pen. This is good work especially for a young person,big up.

  40. Magunga Williams –
    8th September 2014

    This…sigh. Beautifully put.

  41. 24th October 2014

    mmmmmm,hadn’t been here. Great stuff kid

  42. Magunga Williams –
    26th October 2014

    Thanks Oyola baba

  43. 16th December 2014

    I would have said ‘good stuff’ but I know it has become a cliche’ to you. what more need I say? Speechless! find me here omera

  44. 15th February 2015

    No. You don’t.

  45. Magunga Williams –
    15th February 2015

    thank goodness!

  46. 12th March 2015

    Just bumped into your blog. You got beautiful pieces, I must say.

  47. Magunga Williams –
    12th March 2015


  48. 18th March 2015

    It came to be that on 19th march of 2015 at around 1:30 am when my medical books started dancing to gangnam style i decided to check out something that would dance in a slower pace, salsa or maybe a waltz, and sure i did!!!!
    Magunga you might as well become my newest hobby…. only time will tell.

  49. Magunga Williams –
    19th March 2015

    I hope so…I really do

  50. 30th April 2015

    I dont know how i ended up here. But i am happy i did!
    Awesome site and writings. Keep it up!

    Fresh camel milk greetings from Somalia!


  51. 22nd May 2015

    I really love your articles…
    You can be such a great role model…. Woow
    Hey halla me at 0712377963

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