Migration to the Smart & Sexy

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[Chief Goon Note: This being the final week of the #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 I shall have two guest writers from fans who have interacted with the Smart TV. First up is DeMaitha on  Beating the Digital TV Migration]


Sometimes all you need in life is a break.

If you’re the kind of guy who believes there’s a Bigger Guy up there somewhere in the clouds directing your every move and giving you that opportunity, fair play to you.

So let’s assume that God answers your prayers. You’ve won the lottery. Or one of those ubiquitous “cheza ushinde” promotions courtesy of your favourite newspaper, your favourite beer or your least favourite mobile service provider.  Or perhaps you’re the lucky sod who’ll get it after this challenge. Hell, your rich uncle died and he left you something, and you decided, “Life is too short, I want me a big ass TV.” You walk into any Nakumatt, head straight to the Samsung shop and treat yourself.

Who cares how you got it? All that matters is that you have your Samsung Smart TV.

You wheel it into your 4th Floor apartment somewhere in Kinoo, or Roysambu, or those unsavoury estates Njoki Chege hates on. “Njoki who?” You mutter to yourself as you whistle along to Pac’s “Picture Me Rolling”. Of course you have Internet, and yes, you’re watching Pac’s hologram on the YouTube app of your Smart TV.

But then, breaks are caught and then lost. Snap. Just like that.

Let’s say you’re fired.  Or the landlord wakes up in a bad mood after seeing his Arsenal lose on YOUR TV and decided in an arbitrary tantrum, to cut off the pay TV to the whole plot. Oh, and there’s the little matter of the annual 10% rent increment backdated to the past 6 months. Losing to Swansea and seeing it in HD on a TENANT’S (can you believe the cheek of that guy with a bigger TV than mine?) TV can really turn on the nascent 3 year old in an angry landlord. You wish you were as creative as Mejja in his tirade, but no, you ain’t about that life.

You’re in a fix. No TV sucks. Perhaps you really want to watch Tujuane, just for kicks. Or to glean tips for your next date with bae, ka fruit salad, some Italian cuisine – some of that spaghetti Bolognese and red wine, horse riding, skydiving, white water rafting nini nini. You’re all about rekindling the fire in your in your relationship which is definitely headed for the dreaded six month itch, when the hello-I-love-you-baes trickle down to a mere blue double tick on WhatsApp.

The beauty of the Samsung Smart TV is that it’s already built for the planned digital migration. You don’t know jackshit about what this means, the court proceedings on the contentious cases and sijui set-top boxes and other jargon that ICT guys are more familiar with bypass you and all you can mutter along in response is Mafikizolo’s “Khona”.

To save you the drudgery of the digital migration, or that annoying Smart Joker dude on Churchill with his “tumetoka analock tunaenta tichital” line that sounds and tastes like boiled asparagus, all I can tell you is yes, the Smart TV is built for digital migration. No, you do not need a set-top box or whatever those things are called.

In even simple terms, you can watch Tujuane in peace, impress bae and show the landlord a huge middle finger in the process. Capisce paisan?

Now go ye forth and be awesome with your Smart TV.



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