He carried his devirginized penis
in his hands to the lab
and tried to restore
all that had been lost.

He then placed it on a table
and used a magnifying glass
to understand the reversibility
of the devirginization process.

The microscope wasn’t working,
so he got an open ended spanner
and a ball pein hammer
and attempted to beat some sense
into it relying on how
old AM radios
become worked and unworked
by slightly tapping them.

Then he tied it back into position
with that open ended spanner
and nobody knows whether
it went back to normal
or it remained devirginized
even after all his attempts.

© Sanya Noel Lima


About Author

Sanya Noel lives in Nairobi. He spends his free time writing poetry, short stories, and essays and studying art. Poetry is his first love.

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