There are certain things that scratch my soul. Things like campus ladies who cannot spell, and therefore end up sending a message on Facebook that reads: “Aki bill…qwaqwaqwa!! chenye we hu2mia,c xemh k2!! 9t poz lakni”. Then there are dudes who wear jeans that grab their skins so much, and make them look like they are suffering from anorexia. And then there are dudes who lack game completely to a point they cannot even negotiate for sex with a prostitute. So they have to pin down another girl and have carnal knowledge of her by force.

This past week, in the darkness of UoN Main campus halls, a bunch of horny men decided that walking down to Koinange Street was too much of a hassle to satiate their debauchery. The June-July-August cold season also had other plans of its own, with regards to heightening the need for warm skin against the lean hard, hungry bodies of the boys. So they stayed up late to wait for anyone to devour.

Their sick prayers were unfortunately answered. A bevy of ladies coming from a rave in Westy dropped from a cab, and as soon as the taxi peeled away, the bunch of dudes pounced. The girls managed to escape, save for one poor soul who could not escape the grip of her assailants.

They supposedly dragged her, mouth gagged to the men’s hostel and had rounds devouring her in the hostel section. I will not even take a swing at this heinous act. I think it is cowardly, and wayward. I mean come on, what age are we in, 1706? Back in the day when waylaying was cheered upon? Even then, it still was not right.

I would have named the victim, but it is not fair to announce her identity to the whole world to know. And I think the TV stations that covered the story and mentioned her name were thinking with some undistinguished part of their anatomy. It is prejudicial to her. Especially when it was done without her consent.

Now there is the issue of insecurity in campus. It has always been there. And external visitors attacking students in the university campuses is completely expected, and of course frowned upon. However, I bet the one thing that hurts the victim more than the betrayal of being raped by the same people who call her ‘comrade’, is the seriousness with which the SONU Chair is taking the matter.

Babu, when approached for comment had this to say:

“I would like to express my acrimony, irascibility, annoyance, disapprobation, antagonism, exasperation, chagrin, conniption, distemper, enmity, indignation and infuriation about the same. The act…has caused feelings of bewilderment, trepidity, distraction, muddlement, perplexity, stupefaction, and trepidation amongst all comrades”.

Clearly, if tribalism, AIDS and Ebola does not wipe all of us out, then ujaluo ndio itatumaliza.


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  1. That is heinous. I am sure comrades would readily tell on who did it, only if the matter is followed up. Babu should stop flying useless jargon around and keep his house in order.

  2. Babu’s comment is an utter disappointment. Your article also makes light of the situation.
    *I’m not amused*
    I’m aware that some ladies from SONU leadership (I think) and WoSWA have been supporting this lady and are now teaming up… I heard they’re planning a ‘conference’ or something in the lines at main campus this week.

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