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    So you stabbed my heart again and again
    with girls, with words, with lies
    My heart paid no attention, and took
    each betrayal with a jerk of surprise.

    My susceptible heart ignored your flaws
    embraced you ‘as you were’
    But my mind finally noticed these gaping wounds
    and promptly refused to concur –
    but my heart, still hoping, still foolish
    refused to be deterred!

    You saved me though, from you, from myself.
    You hammered in the last nail.
    And now, thanks to you, oblivious savior
    my foolishness no longer prevails.

    Thank you for buying the rope for your
    playing Russian Roulette with my heart
    the bullet finally locked in the chamber
    folly and my ego are now officially

    (c) Abigail Arunga

    [This piece is from her collection of poems, AKELLO, that is coming out soon. Watch out for it.]


    About Abigail

    {She is a lot of things. She has been around a long time. She is a 2011 honours graduate of USIU. Began her writing career as an intern for Storymoja Publishers.  Ex-editor at Nation Media Group, now at large. Was part of the script writing team of the award-winning Lies That Bind show. Food Writer at Home and Living EA. But most importantly, she is a  5″7″ shy narcissist who sports dreds on her head and a sexy brain beneath it,  has beautiful legs, and loves poetry  A LOT.
    She is still looking for a story…her story.}

    Read her compelling interview  on LBK

    Facebook: Abigail Arunga
    Twitter:     @AbigailArunga

    Abi pursues freedom, happiness and sleep in that order.

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