I remember sneaking into my uncle’s TV room to watch The Bold And The Beautiful. I was seriously in love with Ridge(‘s shoulders) and Taylor’s love story, even if I could only see it on a 15” Sanyo.

TVs, if you notice, are always at the centre of a common area – the seats are arranged around them, the dining table faces it. They’re standard fare, really – them, and their replacement, laptops. And what are you watching on them? Movies and series – which are a dime a dozen, but let’s be honest, who watches Minority Report for the plot, and not Meagan Good? HA.

In related screen news, crime has apparently reduced in the CBD because people think they’re being watched. So are we good because we think there are consequences, or because we actually are good? Teren teren tereeeen….watch the episode. Have a laugh. Share it. Love it. The usual.

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