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I see you wish to join the gang of writerly goons, eh? Karibu sana. There is always space for contributors here. Now listen up. We are not an elitist crew that locks people out. Anyone can submit – be you black, white, red, yellow, orange, gay, straight, young, old, male or female. Just be a human being who can tell a good story.

However, you will be excusing yourself from reason if you imagine that there are no rules of engagement here. They are just a few housekeeping manenos to keep us organized.

Posting Schedule: First, there is a timetable:

  • Mondays: Poetry
  • Tuesday: Bachelor Diary
  • Wednesday: Reviews
  • Friday: Flash Fiction (we call them Quickies here)
  • Saturday: Short Stories

Thursdays and Sundays are for anything else that does not fit in the above categories. It could be anything really; listicles, essays, discussions, conversations with people of note, commentaries etc.

Word Count: There are no word count guidelines. Stretch your imagination and creativity as far as possible. Just be mindful of your audience, sawa?

Timing: Submissions may be sent to us at any time, year-round. We cannot promise to reply to each and every submission, but we can promise to try as best as we can within reasonable time.

How to Send Us Your Work: We love letters and mail. But when it comes to contributions, we only allow typed submissions. Send your work to Together with your submission should be a brief bio of yourself (emphasis on BRIEF), and any image that you would like to be used with your story (provide us with credit info if the image is not yours).

P.S. We might not always use the suggested photo.

Formatting: All manuscripts should be in 11-point type, 1.5 spacing, Malgun Gothic font. Make it fully justified.

Poetry should be single-spaced.

For the love of God, do not send in work with typos. We will not consider it.

Simultaneous Submissions: Yes, you can submit elsewhere, and even after being published on the Magunga feel free to post your work anywhere else. We do not want to limit our writers, because when you come to think of it, we do not even pay our contributors. So it would be unfair to tie their work here.

However, if you repost your article elsewhere, we require you to link back to us or credit us as the original publishers.

Sharing: We require you to share your work on your social media pages once published. Of course we will do the same. All we are trying to do is build a brand here, and your help would be highly appreciated.

Most importantly, DO NOT plagiarized/stolen work. We are artists here. Respect someone else’s work. If you quote an artist, be sure to credit. Otherwise you are on your own. We will even be the first to jump you. So behave.

Note: the Magunga is a theatre of stories. People come here to read beautiful stories. Stories with traction. Strong voices that leave prints on the minds of the readers. That is what keeps people coming back, so make your story just as good.

Happy writing, goons.

Image Credit: playbuzz