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Only God Can Judge Me

You do not want to be online when exam results are released. Especially when they are your final year results. Suddenly your timeline is filled with…

Campus the Magunga
Goons on Trial

I have never been in a bar brawl. I have heard of them, but I have never been involved in any. But I have witnessed…

Campus the Magunga
Sometimes In April

It is April again. With it come the short rains. The heavens are heavily laden with showers that descend upon us unexpectedly, pounding the earth…

Not Yet Uhuru

I do realize that it is that epoch in time when words are thrown around and mindless hoopla has taken over the place where reason…

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Laws And Asses

(I am not sure it is legal for me to tell this story. Everyone in my court room was asked to leave when the matter…

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Karibuni Parklands

In the medieval epoch of the English empire rule, when the crusaders and knight templars dictated what sin was, it was a transgression for just…