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The Bargain

*** The previous semester. I was not even planning on going for that party. Being a student leader, and a fourth year, there was a…

The Night Cap

She moaned as he dismounted but it was more out of relief than pleasure. He slumped face down beside her, heaving and apparently too tired…

Raped in Campus

There are certain things that scratch my soul. Things like campus ladies who cannot spell, and therefore end up sending a message on Facebook that…

People the Magunga
Quitting Heroin

You know how they say addiction happens to you without you knowing it? That you start off thinking all you need is just one little…

Quickie the Magunga
The Suspect

The blackness in the room was thick, heavy; it sat across your face and killed you, black as behind a dead man’s eyes – you…

Poetry the Magunga
Dear Baby Boy

MOTHER: Dear baby boy, I can’t sleep I can’t think. I can’t even breathe. All I can think about is a crib, toys bottles and…

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