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    In silence I walked,                                                                          


    through the land of empty faces.
    With a keen eye I observed,
    the effort behind the facades.

    Abruptly I stopped,
    amid the ocean of dead stares.
    And they moved along,
    maintaining a steady motion without a care.

    I closed my eyes and listened,
    to the humdrum of a thousand sounds.
    They walked and talked endlessly,
    blending into a rhythmic rambling thunderstorm.
    Yet in all this noise,
    they still achieve seclusion.

    I opened my eyes and watched them move,
    in a hurry,
    from a pathetic past to a sad future.
    Each claiming to curve a life for themselves,
    yet in there incessant motion,
    they are one, each aping the actions of the last,
    Creating a beautiful rhythm,
    A well-choreographed dance routine.

    I shut down my senses and felt,
    the cold emptiness their lives beheld,
    the fear they cannot control,
    the attention they so badly need,
    the love they so greatly crave.

    I feel all this,
    in the air of the concrete jungle.

    I watched, I saw, I heard, I felt.

    All this I did from the common urbanite.
    I acquired the knowledge of the urban life.
    And I learnt the secrets if the urban strife.
    But I did not become the wiser,
    of the urban child.

    For I want to be a common urbanite.
    With my hollow life,
    With my self-imposed importance,
    With my lack of compassion,
    With my self-absorbed tendencies,
    With my wanting social skills,
    With my unappealing character,
    With my naïve disillusions,
    With my emotional void,
    I will become a prime example,
    Of the common urbanite.


    © Brian Kimeu

    Twitter: @braeyo
    Facebook: Brian Kimeu
    Blog: In My Opinion



    © Mutua Matheka

    Twitter: @truthslinger
    Facebook Page: Photography by Mutua Matheka
    Website: Mutua Matheka Photography & Design

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