The President’s Eulogy

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The elegance and flamboyance of the First Lady,
She walks with a sad demeanor,
Eyes sunken and pregnant with unflowing tears.
But for once, her conscience is at peace.
Her ego bears a silent smiling curve.
“He was my husband, best friend and confidant,
Not the greatest man, but bore the greatest heart.”

Her mind smirks when she describes her husband as great at all.
After all,
We all know how the chief of staff got her ball.

“He was a powerful president,
But accompanied by a humble sense of residence,
Allow me to present,
The late president.”
Her mind goes back to that scene,
He was ramming His manhood in her already swollen nether,
Immediately after, her body was neither here nor there,
It wasn’t her intention to overhear the conversation,
Yeah, the one that they planned on a 3rd world invasion,
But lied to the public that it was another invitation.


“My husband, your president,
Trustworthy and honest,
The perfect Mr No-Fear-No-Favor,
He held justice close like he cuddled our first son.”
First son, huh! Her mind scorns,
She had been a part of His land conspiracies,
Done farming that led to baking of weed cookies!
The most powerful man on the land had taken the lives of rookies,
When His cover was about to be blown.
Justice indeed!

“His death comes as a shock to the whole nation,
We’re certain this was done by a man on a mission,
And any of you with information,
I ask that you come forth to facilitate his much needed prosecution.”
“Please don’t kill me,”
He had begged her like a helpless bastard.
But she had to get rid of His corrupt ways,
By killing him, she had gotten rid of his whole maze.
All it took, was their feathery satin pillow.
Her eyes droop low,
Am I like him? She consults her mind.

“A man of moral standards,
Well, not necessarily high,
Because he was human, lacking in perfect stands,
But he strived to do things the right way.”
That night He had brought her a surprise,
Another woman, to spice their bedroom life,
But outside terribly condemned homosexuality on the rise.
When she had refused, He threatened to unwife her.
That was after her cries from His blows.

“Today I mourn my husband,
Our president,
My son’s father,
My best friend and confidant.”
In her head, she broke out into a guttural laughter,
Confidant alright,
But He had known not of her activities with His personal advisor,
Nor her interest in kinky fuckery,
Or her HIV status,
Oh well,
Now He rested in peace.

Mumbling a few inaudible words,
She set down the eulogy written by His personal advisor.
Swaying her hips, she walked to His coffin
“R.I.P. Mr. President.”




[Carole “Caetry” Nyabeta is the ultimate introvert. Second year Law student at Moi University. Most drawn to heartfelt poetry and recently developed keen interest to classical music especially incorporating the violin. Launched performance in February 2014 with determination to expand performance in the coming days.] 

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