This year’s Capture Kenya Challenge saw us embark on a journey to change perceptions. Every now and then we get to hear of stories about us being told by other people. Stories that only reveal us in bad light.  There is is this general warped view of our country by foreigners that only depicts us as being riddled by poverty, war and general turmoil. But you know what? The only reason these stories are being told is not just because the people telling them are myopic, but because we are also not telling our stories properly.

If you do not like what is being said, change the conversation. #ThisIsMyKenya

Whereas Kenya, like any other country, faces her own share of challenges, those challenges are not what defines us. We have both the good and the bad. So this year, Safaricom Kenya took matters into it’s own hands and sort to paint a positive image of our country. There are lots of hidden treasures in plain sight everywhere. We were sent to find them, to unearth them and flaunt them to the world. We were to sent out to tell the story of This Is My Kenya.

This year, we did things a little differently from the last two Capture Kenya challenges. This year, they introduced protégés to tag along and learn from the pro photographers. Each the teams that were selected to peel back the mask of negativity misrepresenting our country were composed of a professional photographer, a protégé, a blogger and a producer.

Team Coast:
Osborne Macharia (pro photographer, K63 Studios)
Emmanuel Thuo (protégé, Ethuo Photography)
Magunga Williams (blogger, the Magunga)
Fortune Ngoiri (producer)

Team North & Central:
Allan Gichigi (pro photographer, Allan Gichigi Photography)
Kokan Andrew (protégé, Love Life Photography)
Morris Kiruga, (blogger, Owaahh)
Maureen Wanjiku (producer)

Team Western:
Migwa Nthiga (pro photographer, Magiq Lens Kenya)
Joseph Kiragu (protégé)
Ndinda Kioko (blogger)
Lillian Maina (producer)

We said our kwaheris to each other on the 11th of September 2015 and went out on our separate adventures. Along the way, I told my version of This Is My Kenya in words. The photographers did the same through their lenses; changing perceptions by the click of their cameras and with every shutter, with every click, they cleared the dense, black smoke that clouds people’s judgement.

The essence of this project was to drive home one point; that a narrow focus tells a different story than a story told from a wider perspective. The images from This Is My Kenya expeditions were compiled into the Safaricom Coffee Table Book as well as the Safaricom 2016 calendar.

Take a look.


Santur Village | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

What do you see? A barren landscape…


or breathtaking Kenyan beauty?Calendar-Executive-2016_Page_04

Mzima Springs | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Do you see confrontation? Or…

…the spirit of true companionship?

the Magunga


Bachuma | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

When you look at her, do you see despair? Or..Calendar-Executive-2016_Page_07
…the beauty of old age wisdom?

the Magunga


Hippo Bay | Migwa Nthiga & Joe Kiragu

Do you see reefs cast adrift? Or..

…an unthinkable spirit?

the Magunga


Mtito Andei | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Alone and neglected? Or…

the Magunga

..smiles that light up lives?

the Magunga


Mombasa | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Anchored in the past? Or…

the Magunga

..embracing diversity?

the Magunga


Loiyanglani | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

A desolate village, Or…

the Magunga

…the splendor of Kenyan lands

the Magunga


Kilimambogo Village | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

Are these asking for help? Or..

…remarking at a story well told?

the Magunga


Diani | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Is there nothing special here? Or..

…is this a beautiful place to grow up?

the Magunga


Kisumu | Migwa Nthiga & Joe Kiragu

Are these primitive crafts? Or…

…a preservation of African traditions?

the Magunga


Lake Turkana | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

Lost as sea? Or…

…generations of expertise?
the Magunga


Old Town Mombasa | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Today’s hustle? Or…

…a taste of history?

the Magunga

// THE END//


You can find these amazing images on the Google App Store; This Is My Kenya App . Also, if you want to know how the app works, here is a video for your knowledge and delight. Have fun.

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  1. This is what we need. We’ve been made to deny our own country as bad. We must now stand for it, and show the world that kenya is marwa. Magunga erokamano

  2. Job really well done, Magunga and team. Well captured, beautiful, meaningful and all.
    And on the Bookstore too. I’ve placed my first order. Cheers.

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