Still on matters Capture Kenya 2015, this year we did not just come up with one calendar, but two. The images were too fantastic to be kept in a folder somewhere to be used later on. The first calendar was the main one, to be hanged on the wall next to your graduation portrait. The second calendar is a Safaricom 2016 Desktop Calendar, the kind that stands on office desks right next to the pen holder and computer.

However, the motive is still the same; changing conversations. An invitation to look at things differently; to shift the national focus from the bad and ugly, and amplify the almost silent whispers of the good.

Ladies and gentlemen, This Is My Kenya.


Loiyangalani | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

What do you see? A desolate village? Or…

the Magunga


…the magnificence  of Kenyan lands.the Magunga


Old Town, Mombasa | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Do you see closed doors? Or..

the Magunga

..the warm coastal charm.the Magunga


Mambrui | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Nothing in the horizon? Or…

the Magunga

…endless fun on beautiful beaches.the Magunga


Kisumu | Migwa Nthiga & Joe Kiragu

Empty waters? Or…

the Magunga

..a fresh feast for the family.the Magunga


Kisii | Migwa Nthiga & Joe Kiragu

The sound of silence? Or..

the Magunga

…the sounds of Kenyan traditionthe Magunga


Malindi | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Do you see an idle youth? Or..

the Magunga

…an amazing artistic expressionthe Magunga


Diani | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Nobody home? Or…

the Magunga

…a deeply spiritual place

the Magunga


Garsen | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Deserted highway? Or…

the Magunga

…and enjoyment of life’s journey togetherthe Magunga


Teso | Migwa Nthiga & Joe Kiragu

A path leading to nowhere? Or…

the Magunga

…natural places for allthe Magunga


Isiolo | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

Bleak environment? Or…

the Magunga

…colourful traditions and culturethe Magunga


Meru | Allan Gichigi & Kokan

A familiar scene? or…

the Magunga

..undiscovered talentthe Magunga


Mtito Andei | Osborne Macharia & Emmanuel Thuo

Fleeing from danger? Or…

the Magunga

…racing towards opportunitythe Magunga
// THE END//

There were other breathtaking moments frozen by the lenses of these six incredible photographers. Wanna see them? Easy! Just download the My Kenya App  from Google Play or the Safaricom App Store on your mobile phone and bear witness to the beauty of Kenyan and her people.

For inspiration, watch the one minute video below;

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