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    The theme of the Capture Kenya 2014 was to show and tell the story of the unseen side of Kenya. There’s a side that has remained unwritten for a long time. Five photographers and five bloggers were sent out to different parts of the country to unveil the undiscovered gems of Kenya, to capture them in pictures and words and showcase them in full colour for the whole world to see. They included:

    Osborne Macharia of (K63 Studios)
    Sebastian Wanzalla
    Jeri Muchura
    Amunga Eshuchi (Enigma Images)
    Kevin Ouma

    Magunga Williams (the Magunga)
    Jackson Biko (bikozulu)
    James Wamathai (Hapa Kenya)
    Wanjeri Gakuru (A Semblance of Literature)
    Rachael (Safari 254)

    All this work was finally curated on the Capture Kenya Safaricom Calendar 2015. The extra images were also put on their annual coffee table book. Both of which were launched at the Michael Joseph Centre by Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore.

    See the calendar below:

    1. January
      Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step | Garissa | Osborne Macharia
      the Magunga
    2. February
      Music for the soul | Turkana | Jeri Muchura
      Calendar Executive(20NOV)_Page_04

    3. March
      A little rain must fall | Nandi Hills | Jeri Muchura
      the Magunga

    4. April
      It’s not what you have, it is what you do with it | Kitui | Osborne Macharia
      the Magunga

    5. May
      This is our time | Kisumu | Sebastian Wanzalla
      the Magunga
    6. June
      Hats off to freedom | Lamu | Kevin Ouma
      the Magunga
    7. July
      Wise Words | Takwa | Kevin Ouma
      Calendar Executive(20NOV)_Page_09
    8. August
      The ultimate test | Laikipia | Amunga Eshuchi
      the Magunga
    9. September
      The journey is as important as the destination | Mombasa | Kevin Ouma
      the Magunga

    10. October
      Celebrating our heroes | Nairobi | Sebastian Wanzalla
      Calendar Executive(20NOV)_Page_12
    11. November
      Reflecting on good times | Nairobi | Osborne Macharia
      the Magunga

    12. December
      Merry Christmas | Amboseli | Osborne Macharia
      the Magunga

    // THE END //

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    Wavinya Kimeu

    I have a huge obsession with your blog, particularly the visuals and layout. Great work!

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