I hate you

I hate that you clog my mind

I hate that you flog my heart

I hate that you jam my sleep

Like ram on a tiny creek

Like a bird trying to swallow huge bread with its tiny beak

I hate that I dream about you

Only to wake up feeling like an ewe

I hate that to you I’m like a mirage

Forgotten like a written off car at the garage

I hate that I took my pride as my bride

I hate that I let an angel go

I hate how boredom now gore

I hate that I was blind

And thought with my hind

I hate that we can’t talk

Yet all I want is to hear that voice

I hate that I made that choice

I hate that I see your smile only in my dream

I hate I still Wish it flowed like a stream

I hate that I miss you

I hate that now all I do is to piss you

I hate that all I want to do is to kiss you

But more so

I hate that I can’t hate you

Not even a tiny bit

Not even a little

© Mzee Varaq 2014

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