She moaned as he dismounted but it was more out of relief than pleasure. He slumped face down beside her, heaving and apparently too tired to turn around. There was no banter or commentary of any kind. Just the sound of his breathing gradually stabilizing, then flattening out into the familiar rhythmic flow of contented sleep.

Despite her initial reservations about this being the fastest way there, it had worked like a charm. Leaning over his shoulder, she nudged hard to make sure he was unconscious. He was. She exhaled.

Observing all this through the gaps in the closet door, I shared her relief. It had been an extremely tense twenty-eight minutes. He had not caught us, but forced to stand there and listen to his awful grunting for as long as it lasted, I had for the first time started to regret running into her that night. It had been long enough that I was sure my cab driver had given up and left. This was a really busy night for him. I was on my own.

She got out of bed and not bothering to wear anything, tiptoed over the plush carpet to the closet and gently opened the door. Even in the dim nightlight her small, taught body glistened with sweat. I stood there, now fully dressed and still sporting a hint of an erection. She glanced back at her husband once more then slowly led me out of the closet. We crept across the room over his unoriginal apology -cheap, obligatory roses and hastily abandoned undergarments- down the stairs and into the living room.

She immediately opened the front door. Her mission was to quickly throw me out before we were caught. Mine was to finish what her husband had interrupted.

She failed. Loudly. Gladly. Repeatedly.


This is a flash fiction story by Wilson Kageni (@TheKageniMind). His entry to Sanaa Book Club‘s November 2014 “Challenge of the Week”. The prompt for this challenge was: A taxi, An old friend & Valentine’s day.

It is an excerpt from his short story ‘Overnight’. The full version of this story is coming soon. 

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