The concepts are simple enough but everyone acts like it is a mind boggling event. The question still remains; “Do you want babies or nah?” If no, use contraception – and not the ‘withdrawal’ type – because more often than not, it works at the beginning but not 9 months later.

Look, everything affects your body, and the only 100% effective form of contraception is abstinence. No side effects, even. Promise. But. If you’re going to do adult things like have sex, do the adult thing and think of the consequences as well.

Take care of yourself. Do your fucking research.

Speaking of being an adult, no means no. Don’t give me any of this ‘an aggressive man is the mainest man’ bullshit. If a woman says no at any point, she means no – whether you agree with it or not, whether or not her skirt is short, whether or not she’s the one who asked you to come over. Be an adult and listen.

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