Is reality TV really real? Say what you will about reality TV, but at least admit that watching people crash and burn oin epic cataclysmic real time events is captivating to some people. Whether it entails watching a socialite making her name from nothing or seeing mollycoddled suburbian folk (fake) survival in the wilderness, We all have a poison.

Are you going down to Westgate Mall? Abi doesn’t know if she will ever go into Westgate Mall again. Hopefully Kenyans will be able to get over the terror, and not let the terrorists win. Lightning does not strike the same place twice.

Working out. Don’t let soda win either! Or sugar. Or cake. Or everything else that tastes good but is horrible for you. We talk health and fitness in this episode. Head on over to the Facebook page as well (Y DoWeDoIt) to see who won the fitness challenge.

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Gen Y loves to talk, and that’s exactly what the usual suspects, Magunga Williams, Abigail Arunga and Onyango Ayany and their assortment of guests are doing. Y Dowedoit is on Youtube addressing issues that face Generation Y , in a witty and funny weekly talk show.

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